Schillings Awarded Band 1 Defamation/Reputation Management: High Net Worth Ranking by Chambers

For the fifth year running, Schillings is proud to announce it has retained its Band 1 ranking for Defamation/Reputation Management: High Net Worth, in Chambers & Partners 2021 rankings.

The firm was awarded with the highest number of Notable Practitioners (5) amongst all the ranked firms with Keith Schilling, Jenny Afia, Rachel Atkins, Magnus Boyd and Allan Dunlavy

As described by Chambers, Schillings remains a notable name in the defamation/reputation management sphere and is described by one an interviewees commented that Schillings is “the go-to when your reputation is in the media’s hands.”

Another client interviewed by Chambers said that the Schillings team “are able to mix strategic intent with high-impact operational tactics. They are fast, they are smart, they get results.”

Read the full Chambers ranking here.

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