Data breach and theft


True or false; illegal music distributors are so prolific and well-hidden that artists can never fully protect their work.

We say false. With fast, incisive action everything is protectable. So, when a global megastar’s album was hacked before release, we got on the case.

What we did

Knowing we had to work quickly, we worked overnight to bring in the best lawyers from the countries where we believed the perpetrators to be active. Simultaneously, our cyber experts pinpointed the details of one of the first people to leak the songs; once we had this first link in the chain, we were able to track down more suspects.


By compiling and presenting evidence to authorities, including the FBI, we saw the ringleader arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned on hacking and piracy charges. We continue to pursue civil remedies in addition to helping our client implement more resilient data protection measures to prevent future attacks.

Capabilities Used
  • Breaches of Privacy & Injunctions
  • Data Protection & GDPR
  • Intellectual property & copyright
  • Digital forensics

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