Billboard’s 2021 Top Music Lawyers – Jenny Afia

Jenny Afia, Partner and Head of Entertainment and Legal, has been recognised in the Billboard’s 2021 Top Music Lawyers for the second year in a row.

The legendary entertainment media brand, Billboard, have chosen the best legal minds in the business that were tested in the past year “by a land rush of negotiations and new business models”. Jenny’s recognition is due to her specialised skills in helping clients to protect their reputations from media intrusion, with privacy a core concern of her practice.

Jenny is taking on social media as the next frontier in privacy battles and says “It takes extraordinary bravery to stand up for your rights so publicly and I love helping empower people to do this.” Her advice to young artists is that “If you want to have a successful career and a private life, taking control of your privacy and reputation at the start is an absolute must.”

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