Schillings announces Pro Bono partnership on two international projects

As a premier law firm on the cutting edge of protecting and defending the fundamental human right to be free from unfair attacks on privacy and reputation, Schillings’ work often benefits the public good, not just the interests of our individual clients. As part of our core mission to advance and protect this right, we recognise our corresponding responsibility to ensure that justice is not rationed by ability to pay, thus we endeavour to do pro bono work that has a significant impact on the rights of vulnerable people and allows us to use our unique skillsets from privacy law, cyber, the military and government, intelligence and investigations to their benefit.

Schillings is excited to announce pro bono advice on two important projects that have wide-ranging impact:

1. We advised the Freedom Fund, a leader in the global movement to end modern slavery, to help improve their cyber and physical security resilience.

2. Schillings is partnering with wildlife NGOs who are campaigning to support the Malawian Government in keeping these cases in the international spotlight, to ensure justice is served, and to protect the security of their advocates.

These examples highlight just two of Schillings efforts to promote the rule of law through enhanced privacy and security. This work builds on the good work done earlier this year with the Children’s Commissioner on protecting online privacy in a digital age. We collaborated with the Children’s Commissioner to take steps to simplify the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of social media platforms and also establish a new ground-breaking Model Law for online service providers and their interactions with children. In calling on social media providers to do more to protect young people online, we are helping to raise awareness amongst governments and authorities, young people and parents. With lawyers often criticised for overcomplicating matters with legal jargon, we boldly went against our inherent legal DNA to re-write simplified T&Cs.