The Schillings approach to Privacy by Design

In today's digital age, the line between public and private life has become more blurred than ever.

Privacy is a fundamental human right, but for those constantly in the spotlight, it isn't always guaranteed. Balancing a public profile with a private family life requires careful thought and strategic planning.

That's why Schillings developed its unique approach to privacy protection, Privacy by Design. This is a personalised and comprehensive method of safeguarding your privacy, while maintaining your public presence.  Our process covers everything from horizon scanning and risk identification to crisis and post-crisis management, ensuring your privacy is protected and your public engagements are handled strategically.

We start by identifying potential vulnerabilities before they become threats.  Our in-depth privacy audits help us mitigate the risk of privacy or reputation issues, ensuring you stay one step ahead.

We also prepare for specific events where your privacy might be at heightened risk. Whether it's a wedding, a break-up, a commercial endorsement, or significant business milestone like an IPO, we'll create a tailored plan to protect your privacy and make the most of these opportunities.

Our ongoing monitoring and consulting services include regular assessments of inner circle personnel, digital privacy checks, due diligence, and pre-emptive disclosure strategies. This comprehensive approach ensures both risks and opportunities are managed effectively.

With our proactive approach to privacy, even the most high-profile individuals can take control of their personal information. Our team of lawyers, investigators, communications experts and security specialists will help you and your family live confidently and securely, even in the public eye.

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