The Schillings approach to security

The Schillings approach to security is indivisible from our approach to the other two assets that are vital aspects of high stakes situations:  reputation and privacy.  Security might be built on human rights, but in many instances, it needs to be planned and fought for.   Rarely can it be assumed, especially if you are wealthy, high profile or successful.  Our clients want the feeling of security for themselves, their businesses, and their families as they go about their lives, sometimes in difficult circumstances or in challenging places, and always of interest to a cast of hostile actors.

Schillings protects its clients’ security comprehensively.  This means using our multidisciplinary capabilities to, in the first instance, anticipate the threats: digital and physical. This is an intelligence and monitoring exercise: scanning the environment to detect threats early.

With this anticipation we then deploy joint task forces of lawyers, security experts and other specialists to secure our clients on both the physical and digital fronts.  This includes close protection, residential security and privacy, counter-surveillance; and dealing with cyber-attacks, harassment, stalking, extortion, unlawful detention and kidnap.   We can deploy elite teams onto the ground, including into hostile locations, for example to facilitate a visit to a high-risk area, or to conduct an evacuation.

Schillings is the only security company in the world treating security as a third asset alongside reputation and security.  We recognise how they are all connected; and a threat to one is a threat to all.  We are also unique in delivering security services in an integrated way, with lawyers, intelligence experts, crisis managers and ex-military planners working together, all of them in-house or seconded to us from our trusted security partner. 

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