Ben Hobbs


Ben specialises in reputation protection. His work covers defamation, privacy, harassment and intellectual property rights. He regularly acts on behalf of various high profile and high-net worth individuals and corporate brands on a pre and post publication basis and is highly regarded for his diligence and dogged determination in achieving positive results for clients. Ben has been ranked as a 'rising star' in the Spear's 500 index.

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Content by Ben


Under The Spotlight: Undercover Filming

Lessons from IPSO's ruling in complaints brought by Sam Allardyce against the Daily Telegraph

3 October 2018

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Through the Keyhole

The key to minimising insider risk

28 March 2018

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Can You Picture My Childhood?

Protecting your children from the paparazzi

4 October 2017

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Staying The Right Side Of The Tracks

How far can you go to defend yourself when you are being attacked?

17 July 2017

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A Little More Conversation

The steps parents can take to help protect their children online

23 May 2017

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Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Ben Hobbs talks to Citywealth

12 April 2017

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Monroe v Hopkins

An expensive case of mistaken identity

24 March 2017

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Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make

Wearable technology in the workplace: risk Vs reward

8 February 2017

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Facing Down A Short Selling Attack - Part Three

Respond & Counter Strike

25 April 2016

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Westlaw UK Insight 'Reputation' entry

An overview of the laws relevant to both corporate and individual reputations.

25 April 2014

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