Tim Robinson


Formerly a major general in the British Army, Tim Robinson helps clients to protect their reputations and privacy from a wide range of threats. He is an experienced and talented problem solver and proven battlefield leader. With expertise as both a strategist and tactician, Tim works with clients to put out reputational fires and prevent them in the first place. He is ranked in the Citywealth Leaders List.

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Identity Report

Every transformative age needs a review of the ground rules. The information age needs some for privacy

9 January 2019

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Battlefield to Boardroom

Tim Robinson talks to Wealth Briefing

12 September 2018

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Privacy Is Not Dead

How not to fall foul of unwanted attention

15 November 2016

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Battlefield To Boardroom

Utilising military strategies for dealing with reputational and privacy threats

11 April 2016

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Bulls and Bears: Flight Or Fight?

Developing a reputation strategy

3 February 2016

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