Juliet Young


Juliet draws on over 15 years of experience in the corporate investigations and intelligence field to help clients solve reputation management and privacy problems. A seasoned investigator, Juliet knows where to look for information across multiple jurisdictions that may be of interest to journalists and third party detractors, and how it may be used. She also helps to design focused strategies for dealing with reputation management problems, both identifying areas of reputational risk as well as proactively gathering information that may undermine an assertion by a third party.

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Are we finally seeing a pivot towards privacy?

Facebook latches onto privacy, but the issues around its use need to be addressed through awareness and education. Juliet Young argues...

8 March 2019

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Privacy concerns surrounding gift registries and online wish-lists

27 June 2018

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The Spy Who Went Public

Bad leavers: protecting against attacks from hostile current or former employees

21 July 2017

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Property Assets, Young Adults And Unintended Consequences

The privacy implications of transferring property assets

27 January 2017

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The 'Politically Exposed Person' Status - Part 3

Developing a long-term reputation strategy

9 June 2016

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Social Media Intelligence - The New Frontier

Understanding the role of social media when it comes to intelligence gathering

12 April 2016

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Where There's Success, There's Malevolence

Guarding against reputation sabotage

23 March 2016

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Shareholder Privacy

Financial privacy implications of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act

17 December 2015

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Home Sweet Home - Home Discreet Home

A sweet home is a discreet home: planning for privacy at home

28 November 2018

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