Joelle Rich

Partner, London

Joelle helps people and families in the public eye, both in the UK and internationally, protect their privacy and reputations. As well as high profile individuals, Joelle regularly acts for family offices and private companies, often in the financial sphere, including some of the best performing hedge funds, private equity houses and entrepreneurs. Joelle mainly acts for her clients in times of crisis, handling media attention during particularly sensitive and unpredictable periods, and devising effective strategies to safeguard their reputation and privacy. She also deals with a range of other hostile threats, such as short-sellers, online aggregators on blogs and social media, and non-media based agitators such as disgruntled leavers or hostile litigation opponents. Joelle’s objective is to use the law to ensure that her clients are protected from arbitrary interference into their personal or business lives, and that they are able to enjoy their success.

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Content by Joelle


Privacy: A Lesson from the Tech Pioneers

Steps that HNWIs can take to safeguard their privacy.

20 July 2015

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Does the Buck Stop Here?

Google comes under fire for accommodating, facilitating and perpetuating celeb hack images.

6 October 2014

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Are Your Photos Safe in the Cloud?

Practical steps to avoid becoming the target of a hacker.

1 September 2014

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George Clooney Vs The Daily Mail

George Clooney defends future mother-in-law against Daily Mail

14 July 2014

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£1bn UK Divorce Can be Reported - Almost

Divorce proceedings become more reportable following high court judgment.

14 July 2014

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Celebrity False Endorsements

The growing trend for protecting images used without consent.

9 June 2014

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'Right to be Forgotten' request: Submitted

Google releases online form to submit “right to be forgotten” requests.

30 May 2014

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I Want My Search Results Changed!

Newspapers start to receive Take Down Requests.

28 May 2014

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Are Your Photos Safe?

Keith Schilling & Joelle Rich write for The Times.

4 September 2014

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Hack Attack

When it comes to hackers, It's time to stop being complacent.

2 September 2014

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