Victoria Anderson

Senior Associate, London

Victoria is a Senior Associate at Schillings specialising in reputation management, defamation and privacy. With a prestigious roster of clients including international organisations and high-profile individuals - frequently within the realm of the public eye, Victoria is adept at providing incisive pre and post publication advice, crafting pre-emptive solutions to counter imminent media threats, and litigating to assert her clients’ inalienable right to privacy.

Her experience of advising on complex disputes enables Victoria to secure successful outcomes for clients whose rights have been infringed, all whilst successfully mitigating evolving risks to their reputation.

With a unique blend of experience in privacy and media law, her clients enjoy unique foresight into likely areas of reputational exposure, allowing for the creation of rigorous systems to protect their reputations even when faced by the pressures of relentless media interest.

Alongside her position at Schillings, Victoria is the Chief Executive Officer of BVL; a youth empowerment charity, which seeks to give young people from non-fee paying schools a voice in law and legal policy with the aim of improving social mobility in the legal profession. The charity is supported by, but independent from, the UK Supreme Court.