Jack Ryan

Analyst, London

Jack is an analyst with previous experience as both a researcher and consultant, where he focused on counterterrorism, reputation and geo-political analysis. Most recently, Jack worked as a qualitative consultant within the alternative assets sector, conducting due diligence and reputation studies for several private equity and infrastructure clients. Additionally, Jack has undertaken several crypto asset-related investigations while undertaking his certification in cryptocurrency forensic investigations.

Jack previously worked in the department of Afghanistan and Pakistan studies at Washington DC’s Middle East Institute, where he covered analysis of fiscal policy, security and trade. Prior to that, Jack’s research covered illegal maritime activity in the Gulf of Guinea and geo-political analysis covering a broad group of Sub-Saharan African states. Jack has lived in Zambia, South Africa and the UK.

With expertise in Islamist and Far-Right Terrorism through his two years as a counter-terrorism researcher, as well as experience conducting forensic analysis of crypto assets, Jack brings a wealth and depth of experience, to Schillings Intelligence and Investigations team.