Emily Williams

Senior Associate, London
Following a successful career working for British military intelligence, Emily is able to draw on her discreet, specialist and international expertise to guide clients in assessing the full spectrum of threats that they may face; from current issues to future ones. With 15+ years’ experience in intelligence; 12 with the military including an aggregate of 18 months formal training on assessment, analysis and strategic planning, Emily has delivered intelligence products from on-the-ground tactical to diplomatic and international, possessing also an LPC from the BPP School of Law. Her recent work includes acting as lead for intelligence support to two of the firm’s largest litigation clients – the first involving a multi-jurisdictional case that has spanned over a decade encompassing more than four separate strands of litigation, witness debriefing, interviewing and assessment, and presentation of findings to US and Bahamian legal teams that has formed the underpinning work to a current class action lawsuit in the US. The other, a libel litigation in the UK High Court, has involved assessing disclosure in a case taken over at short notice from another firm, extensive analysis of gaps and strength of evidence to support both primary arguments and cross examination, witness preparation, support to counsel, and the oversight of investigation into the credibility of the counter party’s arguments and witnesses.