The Schillings approach to protecting reputation, privacy and security in Latin, Central and South America

No matter where in the world you operate, managing family and business life in the modern digital age means that actively and proactively building and protecting reputation, privacy and security should be top priorities. In certain regions, though, the threats to these assets are heightened: so too, are the opportunities.  Central, South and Latin America are three such regions.

Because of the regions’ specific political, economic, business and cultural climates, businesspeople and businesses in Central, South and Latin America are at a turning point.

In 2023, businesses in Brazil and Mexico were ranked among the top targets for cybercriminals, plainly a significant risk to reputation, privacy and security.  Meanwhile, the region’s growing digitisation is creating huge opportunities. There is a perception that political instability and crime will heighten investor risk.

Also in 2023, Mexico surpassed China as the biggest exporter of goods to the US – despite smear campaigns, hostile actors, security threats and breaches of privacy being a common occurrence for businesses.

This duality of threat and opportunity in these regions unique – and difficult to navigate.

With families and businesses seeking diversification out of their home jurisdictions – especially into the US from the regions – protecting and building reputations to operate effectively in the US or further afield is crucial to success.  If they do not do the housekeeping and have the right narrative and tools in place to build a presence and establish networks and credibility, families and businesses are unlikely to be able to operate as they desire.  Building reputational resilience before market entry will maximise the freedoms you have when you get there.

Some of the same considerations will apply the other way around: for US families and businesses, and in indeed those from Europe, wishing to enter Central, South and Latin America.  

Operating out of Miami, as well from London, we can deploy our in-depth regional knowledge and nuanced understanding of the specific challenges of Central, South and Latin America to  guide our clients through high stakes opportunities and threats in a way that specifically works in the region.  Among a range of services, we can help unlock issues with governments, provide geo-political risk advice, advise on dealing with media smear campaigns, arrange security support and carry out due diligence in advance of acquisitions.

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