The Schillings approach to protecting reputation, privacy and security across Africa

Africa is one of Schillings’ fastest growing areas of operation and we work in many of its 54 nations.  Some of these countries have seen sustained economic growth, creating opportunities for our clients.  Against that, regime change, debt burdens, educated but underemployed populations, climate, and the corruption – or perception of corruption – means that our clients operating in or entering Africa can face many high stakes situations.

Our African clients, and clients from elsewhere operating there, can be targeted by criminals, competitors and government misfeasance because they are highly successful and seen as a political threat, or as a good target for extortion. This might be because they are not connected to the 'right,' as in, corrupt, officials, or it may be because their business is too impressive to fly below the radar.

To help in these situations, Schillings deploys its unique multi-disciplinary capabilities.  This might mean using law, intelligence, and communications to resolve allegations that bar a client’s expansion into western markets. Or it might mean a complex security and diplomatic operation to ensure that a client family remains free and unmolested during, and after, a regime change.

Yet in this exciting continent, the high stakes are garlanded with opportunities too.  Today we help clients in East, West and Central Africa to seize strategic opportunities amidst renewed global interest in inter-region partnerships, a notable one being between Africa and the Gulf countries.

Schillings is not about routine geopolitical advice, nor predicting who the next government of an African country will be.  We focus on helping our clients navigate a complex and globally connected continent.  Where understanding the dynamics of power is more important than just having the best business, and where sometimes, for all of the strategic thinking one can deploy, taking an opportunity or mitigating a threat can only be done by getting onto the ground and meeting your counterparty head on.  Schillings can handle this for you, and more.

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