Private Lives & Prying Eyes

19 December 2014

The last 15 years have witnessed a monumental shift in the public perception of hedge funds and those who manage them. What was once an industry anonymous to the majority now increasingly finds itself in the spotlight − for both the right and wrong reasons. Who are these people? How are they making the kind of money being talked about? What are they doing with their vast amounts of wealth? Mystery has given way to intrigue in the 21st century.

For those on the outside, life as a hedge fund manager seems easy. A life of risk taking, fast living and significant financial gain. But life in hedging isn’t straightforward; it involves long hours, family sacrifice, huge stress and no guarantees. And yet it’s a job that you enjoy and in which you excel. It is therefore no wonder that those behind the funds are often caught off guard by the intrigue and intrusion that has built up in recent years, and with the UK general election and the start of the US presidential primaries just around the corner, hedge funds are likely to come under the microscope.

To read Rachel Atkins' full article in The Hedge Fund Journal, click here.

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About the Author

Rachel Atkins


A specialist in safeguarding the reputations of prominent individuals and businesses, Rachel couples her experience in media law with a detailed knowledge of reputation threats that emanate from non-media sources.

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