Ensuring Disputes Don’t End in Disrepute

14 January 2016

Safeguarding a client’s reputation in the heat of litigation should be central to any litigation strategy. At a time when news can be syndicated around the globe before your client has even stepped outside the courtroom, it is critical that advisers prepare in advance for the reputational threats posed by litigation. In doing so, they will be better positioned to assess, predict and react to those threats facing their client.

Media interest will generally begin long before a trial begins, with commentary and coverage continuing long after it ends. Advisers to those involved in litigation proceedings must therefore take the steps to protect and minimise reputational damage caused by such media interest. So what to do?

First, acknowledge that the courtroom presents a great opportunity for journalists and detractors to spread private information about your client and their business. Media articles based on legal proceedings can include information which might ordinarily be protected from being published by privacy or libel laws. This means that it is extremely easy for the media to repeat damaging allegations or private information disseminated as part of a legal case. In addition, journalists will often tweet from inside the courtroom during proceedings; allowing details presented before the court to go far beyond the four walls of the courtroom.

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About the Author

Gillian Duffy


Gillian’s expertise in commercial litigation sees her deal with complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes. Having practised as an Advocate, Gillian is able to bring her front line litigation skills to bear as a reputation defence lawyer.

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