Driven to Change or Driving Change

06 June 2018

Change is a constant – change in the people you know, change in who you are and change in the world around you. Whether you are an individual or a business, being at the forefront of change and driving it will always be the best way forward.

Being Driven to Change during a crisis can often be hap hazard, fast paced and incredibly stressful. It usually comes about because an event you haven’t planned for happens suddenly. If this event is a cyber attack, as a priority you will need to put measures in place to stop your private and confidential information being stolen. Being an unplanned event also means that you will have to quickly find people best placed to help you – while putting in short term measures to reinforce your security. As a result, rather than focusing your efforts on finding the fix that controls the crisis, in this case a cyber attack, precious time will have been wasted because you’ve been Driven to Change.

Driving Change is a very different scenario. It is deliberate, efficient and often a reassuring process; particularly as you begin to forecast and horizon scan the changes that would benefit your business or your family.

Think of Driving Change as a form of future proofing. Whether that be a cyber security strategy, an incident response plan or a greater understanding of your business’ operating environment. So when that cyber attack does happen, the result is that you’re prepared and able to stop the attack, put your data in lock down and begin preserving evidence.  

Here are 3 top tips to help you to Drive Change : 

1. Understand your environment – talk to others in your family or business and gain new perspectives on the changes you want and need to drive. A trusted advisor can also help you understand the challenges that you face in the environments you currently operate in.

2. Scan your horizon – what are the biggest threats to what you want to achieve or where you want to be? Are there particular changes coming up that would benefit from your attention now?

3. Plan your change – Driving Change requires vision and strategy. Planning a path between your current environment and your vision will provide greater clarity of what needs to be done to achieve that vision.

To quote Barack Obama, “We are the change that we seek”. Taking the time to review your circumstances, your internal vision and what you want to achieve are the keys to unlocking and driving change, before it drives you.

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About the Author

Jennifer Michael

Project Manager, Advisory

​Having previously worked on technological, regulatory and legislative projects for a range of industries and organisations, Jennifer enables wealth owners and international families to navigate complex privacy and reputational crisis situations.

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