All Change: Managing A Confident (And Secure) Return To Office Life

19 May 2021

Work-life as we knew it pre COVID-19 may seem like a distant memory, but with the restrictions continuing to lift, many organisations are setting their sights on a return to their office premises.

While going back to work may have fewer surprises than the start of the pandemic, (after all, we’ve had several months to think about it), it’s only natural to want some assurance that the space will be safe and secure and that there has not been any intrusion into your IT systems.

I’ve talked before about the importance of keeping your guard up when returning to empty properties at the end of lockdown – and this applies just as much to your workspace as your home.  

Taking some protective measures before your teams move back in is one way you can aid a smooth transition back to this new normality.

Eyes wide open

First and foremost be aware of your surroundings:

  • If you see any new equipment, find out where it has come from and why
  • Check the back of your computer desktops to see if there is anything out of the ordinary
  • Be wary of tailgating and any physical changes to the office

Exercise caution

  • Check everything that arrives from an external source
  • Be wary of accepting gifts or executive desk items – even if they are from a known source
  • Talk to your IT team to see if there are any changes to the WiFi network, and security mark up
  • Make time to raise awareness of and eliminate risky behaviour such as writing passwords down
  • Carry out a clear desk audit
  • Check the IT systems within your comms room, including log files and CCTV to see if there is any unusual activity
  • Make sure your security policies and procedures are clear, well-communicated and up to date, e.g. your document shredding and retention policy

All of this can be done in conjunction with a Technical Surveillance and Counter Measure inspection (Bug Sweeping) and Cyber security audit and will give you peace of mind that the integrity of your office is still intact.