Leave a Legacy Report 2021

30 Jul 2021

Following the success of our ‘Be Kind’ campaign, Schillings has once again joined forces with Global Leaders in Law to launch a new report entitled ‘Leave a Legacy’. The report showcases outstanding legal leaders who continuously strive to make a difference and will leave a lasting impact on their team and organisation – or even the legal sector as a whole.

Nominations included examples of transformational change, mentorship and diversity and inclusion initiatives to name just three. The winner of the ‘Leave A Legacy’ award will be announced at this year’s British Legal Awards on 17 November 2021 and everyone here at Schillings wishes all the nominees the best of luck.

The report also features an interview with Keith Schilling, the founder of Schillings, who talks about what leadership means to him, the vital importance of mentoring, and the unusual inspiration for his law career.  Keith also discusses how to shape and inspire the purpose of an organisation, what skills the leaders of tomorrow will need, and predicts what will change in the legal sector over the next decade. We hope you enjoy this report, and that it inspires you to further create and encourage your own teams to create a lasting legacy.