Schillings – One of the best companies to work for

Schillings is proud to be named one of the 30 Best Consultancy Companies to work for in 2021 as well as ‘One to Watch’ by Best Companies. The list represents the 30 Consultancy sector organisations with the highest Best Companies Index scores this year.

‘One to Watch’ is a special status awarded by Best Companies to organisations where workplace engagement scores are high and show promising signs for the future – meaning Schillings has ‘Good’ levels of Workplace Engagement.

Highlights from this year’s result include:

  • 97% of staff agreed that they believe they can make a valuable contribution to the success of this organisation
  • 87% of staff agreed that we run on strong values / principles

Best Companies was established to support organisations in creating happy and healthy workplaces. This result is based on a survey of Schillings employees and reflects our ongoing commitment to our staff in creating an inclusive and supportive culture. Our people sit at the very heart of our business, and we encourage innovation and ideas from everyone.  It’s important to us that our employees work in a culture which supports development and growth; and one that recognises our employees are all unique with a diversity of thinking, experiences and perspectives. We’re delighted to see engagement levels rise this year, particularly in light of the pandemic, and look forward to working together as a firm to develop our culture over the next year.