Schillings invests in tech start-up Legendary

We are delighted to announce our investment in US-based tech start-up, Legendary.

Founded in 2019, Legendary employ experts in digital reputation and online crisis management to help protect reputations in the digital age. They have deep expertise in the digital engineering tools to analyse a client’s online reputation, draw on forensic investigations, and use social listening tools. Legendary has worked with Schillings in the past on a range of clients’ matters to help them manage their digital assets. 

The combined offering launches our fourth division: Digital Communications. This will help clients take control of their digital assets and communications by proactively removing false and inaccurate content using legal remedies, seeking out and contributing to relevant online conversations, and putting in place a strategy to build, organise and then manage a client’s digital assets.

“Looking after your reputation online is all about ensuring truthful, accurate data about you is easily accessible and not drowned out by salacious false news. Sometimes the true information is hidden from view – it’s in the data sets behind the scenes that people don’t see, but which eventually control what percolates to the surface.  This is exploited by people and companies to make judgements about you.” said Rod Christie-Miller, CEO of Schillings, “Misinformation can be unfairly manipulated without your knowledge causing serious problems – so it’s important to actively review and protect your digital portfolio with the same care you would your finances or personal relationships. We’re excited to be joining forces with Legendary to help clients do just that.”

“Our reputation is the most important asset we ever own. But what took years to build, can be lost in minutes online.” added Chris Padilla, CEO of Legendary “Schillings has built a leadership position as fearless defenders of privacy and reputation, and we couldn’t think of a better partner to expand our international footprint.”