Critical Risk

An intelligent response to new world risks

Battling the new world risks of kidnap for ransom, blackmail, unlawful detention, piracy, hijack, stalking and cyber extortion

What is Critical Risk?

What is Critical Risk?

The rules have changed, which means the approach to privacy and security needs to stay one step ahead.

At a time when just a smartphone and a laptop can piece together your digital footprint, many are unaware that their next move is more exposed and predictable than ever before.

When faced with a crisis, you require a duty of care from your critical responder. Whether it be a kidnap-for-ransom situation, wrongful arrest, unlawful detention, hijack or cyber extortion – whatever you’re facing – you need a calm, experienced and multi-disciplinary team by your side. Having the right support throughout can make all the difference to your liberty, survival and future welfare.

The traditional approach to security protection and risk management was one dimensional and therefore limited. That worked then, but we are living in tomorrow’s multi-dimensional world.

The threats you face

The threats you face

Kidnap-for-ransom and extortion threats can present themselves in unexpected and sophisticated ways


Incidents of extortion, including traditional kidnap for ransom, virtual kidnap and express kidnap, require specialist guidance to help you regain control and come to a successful resolution

Identity Theft

Attempts by others to steal your identity and hold it to ransom, or those that leverage social engineering to catfish you, must be managed swiftly with cyber, intelligence and legal tools

Threat Response

Threatening situations to personal or professional security requires critical asset isolation to limit exposure and professional and immediate response

Wrongful Arrest

The illegal detention or detainment of an individual by government authorities or criminal groups calls for skilful negotiation with key stakeholders including law enforcement, government authorities and the media

Cyber Attack

Exploiting humans and property to gain access to systems and data and the use of hidden surveillance devices should be proactively thwarted and safeguarded against

Maritime Attack

Maritime hostage taking and cyber-attacks at sea require expert specialist response to ensure the safety of the crew, the vessel and assets

Evacuation and Repatriation Planning

Sending employees to dynamic or challenging areas requires a protection strategy including evacuation and repatriation contingency planning

Media Intrusion

Legal advice on threat response and duty of care as well as reputational risks from unwanted media intrusion during and after a critical incident

Missing Persons

Having a robust global network and finely tuned security protocols that can be immediately actioned can make the difference between saving lives at risk versus wasting time on false alarms

Stalking and Fixated Behaviour

Protection against stalkers attempting to harass and distress or forcing contact with the victim – offline and online – requires a combination of security and psychological analysis expertise

Data Theft

Threats to businesses and individuals including attempts to take, use or publicise private, sensitive or confidential information require a multi-disciplinary strategy to prevent access, recover the information or stop it being used

What we do

What we do

Our operational firepower and geographical coverage mean we act quickly and powerfully, ensuring our clients have access to the best regional talent on the ground.

We use our emotional intelligence to deal with the sensitivity of the subject, assess the human risks and provide specialist support to deal with the fallout factors of a critical incident.

We are international with 24/7/365 emergency response and multi-language translation capabilities. We think and act as one team and are able to respond rapidly to issues and crises.

With over 75 years of combined experience and having successfully resolved over 5000 incidents worldwide of kidnap, extortion, blackmail, piracy, stalking and cyber attack; we deliver unrivalled preventative, preparatory, post incident crisis response and risk mitigation to corporations, governments, nongovernmental organisations and individuals.

Ethical and principled – we are a regulated law firm utilising evidential standards: the same principles are applied to Schillings Critical Risk crisis response.

Our portal provides clients and those affected by security, travel and political risk issues around the world with live analysis, strategic forecasting and risk mitigation advice.

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