Kidnap for ransom and extortion


When you’re in the public eye, you can attract the wrong kind of attention. Our client – a high-profile creative – had received several threats of both kidnap and physical harm. Living with this fear was understandably creating enormous stress.

We stepped in to help mitigate the risk and create a feeling of badly needed safety.

What we did

We worked fast, conducting an in-depth privacy exposure review of the client and their family members. This helped us understand the scope of personal information available online.

Our research identified a range of sensitive personal data, including home addresses, architectural drawings, planning applications, social media accounts and personal photographs - all of which was publicly available.

With these findings, our specialist lawyers acted quickly to request the removal of this information online. We also provided social media training to help the client and their family strengthen their privacy settings and awareness of online privacy best practice.


The safeguarding advice we provided to the individual’s family helped reduce their online exposure and made them less of a target. The threat that prompted the assessment was monitored but never materialised.

Capabilities Used
  • Privacy threat & injunctions
  • Reverse due diligence
  • Digital portfolio forensics
  • Design, test & secure systems
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

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