Geopolitical advisory


When your company operates internationally – with a complex supply chain – it can be easy to make a misstep without realising it. When a Fortune 500 corporate in the chemicals sector came to us concerned about new sanctions regimes across its supply chain, we knew how to help. Our clients’ chief concern was the potential for inadvertent violation of these sanctions – and the hefty penalties they would incur as a result.

What we did

Our Geopolitical Advisory team - consisting of former White House officials, financial investigators, and lawyers – began by reviewing our client’s operations to identify any weak points for potential sanctions violation. We then worked with the client to build an in-house Global Sanctions Compliance Programme, ensuring a watertight process to follow from now on. This was carefully constructed to align with the client’s wider strategy. As a final step, we engaged directly with third parties who alleged, or suspected, that our client had violated sanctions, to put things right.


False allegations about sanctions violation were retracted, restoring public trust in our client. Our client’s legal team, its suppliers, and other third parties now have full confidence in our client’s compliance with multiple sanctions regimes.

Capabilities Used

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